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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much does it cost to produce a full colour plastic card?

  • It does vary by Printer, but it is worked out the following way, taking a P330i for example:

A Full Colour Ribbon is 35.00+VAT, and will print 200 cards, so 35.00 200 = 17.5p

100 Plain White Plastic Cards is 7.00+VAT, so 7.00 100 = 7p

Add the two together, and you have your total cost of 24.5p per card.

What software do I need to produce plastic cards?

  • We would recommend our CardFive Vision Classic as a minimum. This software is very easy to use with a built in template for designing your card. Other advanced software is available depending on whether you intend top use a database or networking - further details on request.

Does the machine need regular servicing?

  • The answer is No. Our printers are designed to give years of trouble-free service.
    We would recommend however that you purchase with your machine a Cleaning Kit .
    This will enable you to clean the print heads etc on the machine. Cleaning your machine
    this way will minimise rejects.

What items do I require as a minimum to get started?

  • Please refer to our package contents list - CLICK HERE

How much should I charge per card once I get started?

  • This is entirely up to you but our existing customers are happily charging 60p per card on quantities of 250 + and 1.20 per card on smaller quantities. Remember, you will not be charging your customers for any printing plates as our system works direct from your PC. For customers who require 'cheaper' plastic cards, you can always offer single colour printing and those who require something more up-market can always be offered full colour printing.


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